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A recent American publication – 2019. Available here, it says:

The Flourishing in Ministry project draws on more than 5000 surveys and 300 in-depth interviews with clergy across denominations, ages, races, genders, and years of practice in ministry. The book distils this deep research into easily understandable stages of flourishing that can be practised at any stage in ministry or ministry formation.

This book is my personal favourite on the subject of clergy well-being. It is shocking and fascinating in equal measure, based on interviews with a number of clergy in a southern and a northern diocese. It was written in 2002 and so much is still relevent, however this was before the sexual abuse scandals, the rise of the use of email, the administration of GDPR and Safeguarding. It is available here.

This book was published in 1995 by  a British author. Available here on Amazon or you can read the text here. It identifies what is stressful about ministry and has some case studies. Again this book has good insights but so much has changed in the last 25 years.

This review, based on extensive research, shows the particular pressures on clergy marriages and the weaknesses in them. The book includes suggestions for strengthening the support for marriages. Published in 1994, it is available here.

This book looks interesting, published in 2005 by an American Lutheran it  focuses on clergy codependence. Available here, it says:

In short, insightful, and highly readable chapters, filled with many examples and stories from his own life and those he has counseled, Lehr identifies the typical forms codependence takes in the life and ministry of clergy.

Written in 1989 so quite dated by has some interesting insights, available here.

Other suggested books

Between Two Worlds (Andrew Irvine)

Beyond Busyness: Time Wisdom for Ministry (Stephen Cherry)

Body – Biblical spirituality for the whole person by Paula Gooder ISBN 978-0-281-07100-5

Clergy in a Complex Age – Responses to the Guidelines for the professional conduct of the clergy by Jamie Harrison & Robert Innes ISBN 978-0-281-07492-1

Driven beyond the Call of God – Discovering the rhythms of grace by Pamela Evans ISBN 978-1- 84101-054-5

Encountering Depression: frequently asked questions for Christians (Andrew and Elizabeth Proctor)

Feed My Shepherds (Flora Slosson Wuellner)

Finding Rest when the work is never done by Patrick Klingaman ISBN 978-1-56476-788-4

Going the Distance – How to stay fit for a lifetime of ministry by Peter Brain ISBN 978-1-876326-73-5

Honourably Wounded – Stress among Christian workers by Marjory Foyle ISBN 978-1-85424-139-7

How to Survive and Thrive as a Church Leader (Nick Cuthbert)

I’m not supposed to feel like this: A Christian self-help approach to depression and anxiety (Chris Williams, Paul Richards and Ingrid Whitton)

Passionate Church: Lifeshapes (Mike Breen)

Resilient Pastors: the role of adversity in healing and growth (Justine Allain-Chapman)

Soul Keeping – Caring for the most important part of you by John Ortberg ISBN 978-0-310-27597-8

Staying Fresh – Serving with joy by Paul Mallard ISBN 978-1-78359-193-0

Stress – The path to peace by Simon Vibert ISBN 978-1-78359-152-7

Tend My Flock (Kate Lichfield)

The Noonday Demon – A Modern Woman’s Struggle with Soul-weariness by Kathleen Norris ISBN 978-0-7459-5366-3

The Wounded Healer – In our woundedness we can become a source of life for other by Henri Nouwen ISBN 978-0-232-52102-6

Wellbeing by Alison Webster ISBN 978-0-334-02889-5

What makes us human? – And other questions about God, Jesus and human identity by Mark Meynell ISBN 978-1-90991-905-1

Working from a Place of Rest (Tony Horsfall)

Working without Wilting – Starting well to finish strong by Jago Wynne ISBN 978-1-84474-372-8

Zeal without Burnout – Seven keys to a lifelong ministry of sustainable sacrifice by Christopher Ash ISBN 978-1-784980214

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