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Sources of Support

There are lots links about support on the Church of England Website

Also some good advice about Well-being on the Methodist Church Website

Union Support

The Church of England Clergy Advocates is a professional association of clergy in the Church of England. It is a professional sector of Britain’s largest union, Unite. Membership is open to all clergy. The Church of England Clergy Advocate’s network of Accredited Representatives provide advice, support, and representation. Visit Unite website

Physical and mental wellbeing

St Luke’s Healthcare for Clergy
020 7898 1700

Health checkup Anyone aged 40-74
NHS health check

Mind and Soul Foundation

Spiritual wellbeing

The Retreat Association

Retreat centres specialising in wellbeing in ministry:

Holy Rood House,
Centre for Health and Pastoral Care,
tel: 01845 522580

Sheldon Retreat Centre
01647 252752

Confidential online forum for clergy
The Sheldon Hub

Financial wellbeing

Clergy Support Trust (formerly Sons and Friends f the clergy)
Helping Anglican clergy and their families in times of need.
If you are experiencing financial difficulty or struggling with clergy life then we’re here to help. We also now provide health and wellbeing grants (eg for holidays etc) and have recently launched a new initiative to promote research into areas that affect clergy wellbeing.

Church of England Pensions Board
020 7898 1000

Christians Against Poverty

Money Advisory Service

Citizens Advice

Changing Role

The Clergy Transition Service (CTS) provides free, confidential, personal support for Clergy who are at a vocational crossroad, or who are looking for a fresh opportunity.
As well as practical help with developing a personal profile, job applications, and interview skills, the service can work with individuals to develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and talents. By encouraging participants to develop greater self-awareness, reflect on personal values and think prayerfully about context and culture CTS can support the process of transition.

3D Coaching have been working with clergy changing jobs since the late 1990s. Su Blanch and Claire Pedrick are authors of ‘How to Make Great Appointments in the Church’ (SPCK). A collection of videos on the process can be viewed here.

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