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Sarum College – Centre for Leadership

This Centre offers opportunities for those who exercise leadership in the Christian churches, schools and other voluntary organisations to research the meaning and practice of leadership and to test that in their own practice in the organisations they serve. To read more click here.

Sarum College – Centre for Human Flourishing

Opportunities to explore wholeness and the values which empower us to flourish, especially as they relate to issues such as health, disability, sexuality, age and love, the latter particularly as expressed at the end of life. The Centre’s programme offers an expansive idea of what is possible through visual arts, music, poetry and story. To read more click here.

Sarum College – Centre for Formation in Ministry

We offer learning opportunities and resources for professional, vocational and personal development. These provide opportunities for students and ministers to deepen theological reflection, grow in understanding and develop new skills. To read more click here.

Introduction to Counselling Skills Courses

Basic counselling courses are useful for clergy as they teach us how to be attentive, be able to reflect back, engage with emotions and develop self-awareness. Online Level 2 courses are often free of charge and run by local colleges – for example this one.

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders seeks to transform the Christian culture in relation to how leaders lead and the way conflict is handled. We aim to strengthen the ministry of Christian leaders, by helping them to be more self aware, and to develop greater skills, confidence and resilience for working with tensions and conflict in Christian communities. We offer a range of training courses and workshops and lead tailored learning events on request. In addition we provide coaching, consultancy and mediation services.

For courses look here.

Acorn – Wellness for All

Acorn Training contains a range of training days designed to equip individuals, churches, chaplaincies and community groups in the ministry of healing and wholeness.

  • Listening – foundational for any type of care, the Listening Strand of our Training portfolio equips you competently support others within health and social care environments, schools, churches and a range of other community services.
  • Reconciliation – finding not just solutions to conflict, but learning how relationships impacted by conflict can be healed. Understanding how conflict starts and ends is essential for healthy, life-giving relationships.
  • Healing – providing practical and helpful training in the ministry of healing in and through the local church.

Our work is motivated by our core values based on four key concepts of spirituality, valuing humanity, transformation through service and the importance of community. To find out more click here.

3D Coaching

Brilliant Conversations in Meetings
Meetings are just a different kind of conversation. Brilliant Conversations in Meetings is a half/one day course run in your organisation which will equip participants to be clear about how

  • the simplest learning from coaching can transform meetings
  • to chair effectively and get things done
  • to manage behaviour

This event is for anyone who is involved in meetings. Especially for people wanting to improve their chairing skills.
By the end of the day you’ll have some more tools in your kit to manage process, task and behaviour.

We are learning that if we want to have transformational conversations – where something useful is known at the end that was not known at the beginning, we need to create a container by asking (not telling!)

  • What are we doing here today?
  • How are we going to do it?
  • How will we know we have done it?

before we get into doing the work.

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